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Micro Monsters with David Attenborough

Retoucher Vahakn teams up with the team over at Alchemy Immersive to introduce us to a menagerie of fascinating tiny creatures - Narrated by the legendary David Attenborough

Retouching and Virtual Reality aren't often heard in the same sentence, Tweaks artists however have been pioneering the use of 2D skillsets in a 3D & 360° space for a number of years now.

Alchemy Immersive approached Vahakn to create the amazing key visuals for this project, and his ability bring 2D stills to life in the form of 3D stereoscopic parallaxes lent its self wonderfully to create the epic opening titles within the VR experience itself.

The series will be streaming in 8K 3D at 60FPS, a ground breaking feat and the perfect content to show off the new Oculus Quest 2's due for release later this month.

You can read all about how the great team over at Alchemy produced this amazing film on the oculus blog, and if you're lucky enough to have a headset sure to check the series out in all its 8k glory on Oculus TV


Presented by: Alchemy Immersive & Oculus

Produced by: Atlantic Productions

Opening credits & Key art: Vahakn Vorperian

In collaboration with: Zoo VFX and 1.618Digital


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