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Winter Workouts To Keep You Moving!

Let's face it, it's cold outside, the days are dark and the gyms are closed. Finding the motivation to work out is certainly harder than ever.

We've been digging through our sports retouching portfolio this month to bring you some of the most inspirational fitness images our artists have produced over the years, along with some of our favourite lockdown fitness workouts and classes that have kept us going!

So what are you waiting for... shake off that dusty gym kit and let's get moving!!

No Equipment? No stress!

Nike Training Class | Retouching Tweak
Nike Training | Retouch by Jake Hickman

Body-weight training is the best way to keep yourself strong and mobile while we wait for the gyms to reopen. No equipment workouts are accessible to everyone and can scale in intensity and ability no matter your fitness level.

As a complimentary work out to your regular cardio training, you’ll feel the difference as your muscles learn to reach their natural max capabilities - here’s some great articles and tips to begin integrating body-weight training into your weekly routine!

Classes At Home

Nike Training Class | Retouching Tweak
Nike Training | Retouch by Jake Hickman

Are you more of a social creature when it comes to the gym? If you miss the motivation of having an instructor yelling at you there are so many great online streaming and live classes to get you sweating this month… and no, not just Joe Wicks!

Les Mills on demand: 1000+ online workouts including yoga, strength, cardio, HIIT, dance and more. There is plenty to try on this seamlessly never-ending work out app.

Peloton App: Known for their famous (but rather pricey!) indoor cycling set up, peloton also have a stand alone fitness app. With a huge library of classes to join, along with the added bonus of live social elements and even outdoor audio running classes - best of all they are currently offering a whopping 2 months free trial which should hopefully see you through to the end of our current lockdown.

Digme at home: If pre-recorded work out classes aren't your thing, head on over to Digme. The London based fitness studios are streaming timetabled live classes during lockdown, for those of us who like to stick to a strict schedule!

Youtube Favourites

Yoga Portrait photography | Sports Retouching
Mindfulness Series | Retouching by Sophie Forder

Yoga with Adriene: Try her current 30 day yoga journey called ‘Breath’

Camp Fit: Don some leg warmers and embrace your inner 80’s self with this fun high-energy 40 min dance session, Guaranteed to leave you sweating and smiling.

Tech it Out

Nike app | Retouching Tweak
Nike Free | Retouch: Sophie Forder

Do you love discovering the latest gadget to assist your fitness goals? Searching for that must have an app on your phone to get you motivated? Here's our top list of techy tips…

Zwift indoor Cycling: If you’ve got a few bob to spare and already own a bike, buying a Zwift compatible smart trainer is a must for keeping the legs turning over the winter. The Zwift App allows you to cycle in real-time with cyclists across the globe, going for social training rides, competitive races or just a tootle around central London in the sunshine - the perfect escape from the reality of being stuck at home!

Nike Training | Retouching Tweak
Nike Training | Retouching by Vahakn Vorperian

Nike training club: Nike's training club app will become your ultimate training partner. With workout classes, pro trainer built programmes and even nutrition and wellness advice, it's a great all-rounder for tracking and progressing with your lockdown fitness.

Best of all for us, we often get to spot our retouching work on there while we work out!

FitBod App: Custom fitness programmes created by intelligent algorithms, Fit bod not only recommends your perfect strength building workout plan but is also a handy tool for tracking progress & learning correct form with a handy tutorial section on each exercise.

7 minute workout: IOS | Google play - Struggling to fit in a workout between all those zoom calls? These apps will give you a friendly nudge each day to complete a short but intense 7 minute daily workout - Trust me.. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds!

Hopefully, that's more than enough inspiration to keep you all moving indoors throughout these chilly months. Remember to check out our instagram for updates on our latest sports and fitness retouching!


Retouching Artists: Jake Hickman, Sophie Forder, Vahakn Vorperian

Client: Nike


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