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Sophie Forder

Tweak Founder & Retouching Artist

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It’s been 10 years since Sophie made the decision to move from the depths of the Midlands to the bright lights of London to pursue her passion for retouching. Her career began in commercial photography, shooting and nurturing

her love of sport whilst assisting photographers as a digi-op to make ends meet. 


Quickly realising she was far happier behind a screen than behind a lens. She spent 8 years as a represented retouching artist, Giving her the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers and agencies across every genre allowed her to develop her bold commercial and unique style.


Sophie also co-runs interactive company where she is Creative Director specialising in 360° photography, VR production and AR story-telling. This, alongside retouching, has enabled Sophie to develop an expansive understanding of both industries, understanding the overlaps that serve and support the development of clients and artists alike. 


In early 2020 (when we were all locked down…) she decided to pursue the idea of opening an agency for herself, a chance for everything she had learnt along the way to really come to life through tweak. Her goal ~ to keep artists and creativity at the forefront of the post-production and to celebrate the benefits and creative potential of collaboration.

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