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Vahakn Vorperian

Retouching Artist

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Having started off in our industry as an assistant to some of London’s most prestigious photographers, Vahakn realised that his love for wet printing overpowered his love of taking pictures. After playing around on Photoshop, V discovered that he could do so much more on screen than in the dark room. 


He began his career retouching fashion and beauty which hit its peak retouching for Tim Walker. Needing a new challenge, V began his journey on concept and SFX advertising and was one of the first retouchers to start using CG in their workflow. 


After 10 years, that passion for concept retouching is still strong and is only limited by our imagination. In addition, he is skilled at working on high volumes of imagery that need high levels of skill either on his own or with his fellow Tweak artists.

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