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tweak was founded for artists, by artists, with creativity at

 the forefront of everything we do.

We are tweak.

Doing things differently; making things better.  


We are experts in creative high-end retouching and CGI creation, and after having clocked over a decade's worth of experience, it’s safe to say we love what we do and can guarantee that you will love how we do it!


We are an agency run by the artists it represents, cutting out the costly and unnecessary middle man, putting our clients needs first and foremost over everything. This allows for the greatest degree of flexibility to suit all budgets without effecting what matters most, our creativity.


​Our team are all individual freelancers, each bringing with them their own unique style, creative vision and personality. But when we come together, well that’s where the magic truly happens. Our experience of working together as a well-oiled team has enabled us to develop a unique mode of production that is equipped to take on projects of any size and scale. From creative collaborations with our favourite photographers to the biggest of bulk image campaigns with the tightest of deadlines, tweak can offer you the production process to best suit your needs. 


​Curious how tweak is different to the other post-production agencies? 

Get in touch and let us show you what we can do.

Trusted by some of the biggest companies worldwide...

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