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All Creatures Great and Small

Get whisked away to the Yorkshire dales this week with the launch of Channel 5's brand new hit show All Creatures Great and Small, Retouch by Vahakn Vorperian

"This was a tough but fulfilling project to do and I’m chuffed that it landed in my lap because I love a challenge and nailing it for the client. All of the talent have head comps from a completely different shoot, so bringing them in line with the original photography was were the detail work took place. I had to do a lot of shadow and highlight mapping as well as finding a middle ground to get the body shots to fit with the different camera, lens, focal length and perspective of the chosen head selects. No easy feet to say the least! I’m very happy with the balance I struck and, more importantly, so was the client.

And what a top team to work with! Both Heidi (production) and Waiel (creative) were legends throughout the project."

Creative & Director: Waiel Al-Nour

Creative Director: Alex Norris

Creative Retouch: Vahakn Vorperian

Producer: Kate Boddington

Producer: Heidi Stephenson

Producer: Mary Rose

Photographer:Todd Anthony


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